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About us

SPEED CLINIC LIMITED is a full-service community hospital providing 24-hour service in general medicine, surgery, optometry, dentistry, radiology, obstetrics and gynaecology.

Speed Clinic is duly registered and licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ghana Health Service (GHS), Pharmacy Council (P.C), Ghana Medical Laboratory Association (GMLA), Health Facility Regulatory Authority (HEFRA) and accredited by National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA).

Our ultra-modern medical facility ensures access to quality health care in a safe environment. In pursuit of maintaining high quality of care, we practice continuous improvement by constantly engaging in activities such as home care, medical screenings, outreaches, etc. We interact with the community, families, churches, and institutions with the goal of ensuring a healthy population.

Our team of qualified Physicians, Nurses, and other Health care professionals work together to provide extensive general and specialist healthcare and diagnostic services for individuals, families and organizations.


SPEED HOSPITAL to become the preferred Health Facility of choice for all in the Community and its environs through health promotion and by enhancing the health of our patients.


To be committed to providing Quality Comprehensive Health Care and Efficient Medical Management services for the children, elderly and the sick at an affordable cost. These services do not only assist Individuals, Families and Caregivers, BUT also Institutions in the country.

Core Values

To achieve our vision, management and staff are guided by the following values;

S– SPEED: We provide quick but careful clinical attention to our patients and clients.

P – Professionalism: we apply our expertise in treating every patient with the Confidentiality, Trust and Honesty they deserve.

E – EMPATHY: we recognize the feelings of our patients and improve on the effective communication between the facility and the patients thereby enhancing their health care.

E – ENTHUSIASISM: we are always inspired to show committed interest in providing better health care to our patients

D – DILIGENCE: we follow our standard protocols and procedures to avoid any harm to our patients and staff at the facility

At SPEED CLINIC, we aim to:

  1. Promote the concept of Patient-Centered Quality Healthcare.
  2. Provide the delivery and access to preventive and curative healthcare as quickly as possible and in sustained manner.
  3. Keep our employees satisfied, in order to maintain impeccable customer service quality
  • Excellent customer service
  • Enriched medical and technical expertise
  • Affordable Services


SPEED HOSPITAL concentrates on two different target customer segments. The first group of clients are individual members seeking personalized health care. This group is a continued source of new clients, due to our outstanding patient care, and accounts for majority of our business.

The second target group are institutions, industries and companies, where we offer services like health education, medical screenings, retainerships amongst other programs. Notable among institutions we serve is the Electricity Company of Ghana and China Geo Company.